Welcome to our wedding site!

We're extremely psyched about the big event and really hope that you can make it. This is the source for everything wedding-related; including information on the ceremony and reception, places to stay, our registry and things to do while you visit. We're both having a blast planning the biggest party of our lives and can't wait to celebrate with each and every one of you!

Well, stop reading this stuff and start surfing! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email either one of us.

We'll see you soon!


PS - Yes, we know you're probably wondering, "Hey guys, early much?" Well, yes. But, we promise we're not just overly excited!

As you'll read in the 'Newport' section of the site, our wedding location is one of the biggest New England summer destinations. Not only is it an awesome vacation spot, it's also a very popular location for some of the region's biggest events, including the Newport Jazz and Folk Festivals. Usually these festivals line up pretty close together, typically on back-to-back weekends near the end of July/beginning of August. In 2009, the jazz festival was the weekend of the August 7-9th and the folk festival was July 29-1st. The folk festival has already claimed the same weekend in 2010 and, with the Jazz festival dates yet to be announced, we're hoping to give everyone TONS of notice just in case. We were in Newport this year for the folk festival and while it wasn't mayhem like we expected, it did make hotels essentially impossible to find. Oh, and did we mention it also happens to be VJ Weekend? What's that you say? It's Victory over Japan weekend! Yes, that's a real holiday in Rhode Island; everyone gets a three day weekend. We suck at picking weekends.

We were able to secure numerous hotel blocks around the Newport area, but the hotels are also planning for the Jazz festival and are cutting the blocks off much earlier than you'd normally expect; like end of May early. Yikes! So yes, we're really excited about the wedding. But we also want to make sure everyone has plenty of time to plan accordingly just in case we share a weekend with the Jazz festival. The good news is our venue is just across the bay from one of the festival's bigger venues; you can tear a page out of our book and catch a morning of shows before the wedding if you're in the mood. Heck, we might.